Greetings, Capsuleer. Aideron Robotics is looking for uniquely qualified team members who can think and perform at a higher level. Please familiarize yourself with our corporate culture, goals, and rules of engagement below. After you have done so please complete the cognitive phase of your application here.

About Us

Aideron Robotics is one of the leading Gallente Militia corporations in Faction Warfare
Faction Warfare means:

  • Lots of PvP - usually fights that come to you
  • Many different fleets, fleet commanders and objectives
  • Interesting strategic aspects (ship movement, supply lines, which systems to protect)
  • Potential for ISK generation through LP
  • Opportunity to try different aspects of fleet combat, such as logistics and ewar

Aideron Robotics fleet doctrine is Gallente - you will be expected to train and fly Gallente ships, specifically frigate and cruiser. You will be expected to train, fly and know how to use drones.

Aideron Robotics is new player, “never done PvP” and low SP player friendly. We don’t expect you be an elite PvPer, or even to be able to fly our doctrine on day one. We will help you with skill plans, ships specifically designed for low SP players and PvP roles so that you can contribute quickly and effectively.

Aideron Robotics is a DSB - Don’t Shoot Blues corporation. If you shoot blues without justification we will kick you out. Do not AWOX!

Aideron Robotics is an adult, mature, respectful corporation. We don’t tolerate abuse on comms or in the forums. Many of the members have kids and want their kids to be able to be in the room when on comms without having to worry about excessive cursing or insults.

Aideron Robotics understands and respects your real life obligations. We schedule events and fleets nights and hope that you can participate, but none of these are mandatory.

All members of Aideron are required to provide full API keys. These keys must remain valid while in Aideron. Failure to comply will result in your termination.

Rules of Engagement

  • We use Mumble for corporate communications. You will need to have that installed and operational for the interview portion of your application. Setup Instructions for Mumble
  • You are not Kill-On-Sight to Gallente Federation (your unmodified faction standing must remain above -5.0).
  • You commit to abiding by our Rules of Engagement
  • You are prepared (as a player and as a character) to participate in defense of corporation and alliance in some fashion (PVP, POS repair, POS gunnery)
  • When you choose to participate in corporate operations and corp-supported activities (such as w-space), you work smoothly and co-operatively with others and follow operational procedures
  • You refrain from scamming, can-flipping, and excessive smacktalk, preserving the corporation's image and integrity
  • You are sufficiently mature and fun to fly with
  • You are willing to move your primary combat character to low-sec while Aideron Robotics remains in Faction Warfare
  • We follow CONCORD regulations in high-security Empire space.
  • We respect the rules of sovereign NRDS space.
  • We fly free of constraint in known 0.0 space which is lawless or occupied by NBSI pilots.
  • We enjoy shooting outlaws, but are not ideologically anti-pirate.

The Application Process

When applying to Aideron Robotics you will need to:

  • Provide an API key as described
  • Select your main character for the forums
  • Complete the application form
  • Submit the application

Once we have the application you will be contacted for an interview over Mumble
Upon a successful interview you will be sent an in-game invite and “Before you accept” information will be provided
Once you accept the invite we’ll send you a “Welcome to Aideron Robotics” document and you’ll gain full access to our repository of information

Apply Now