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edited February 2013 in Aura
So I was a backer for this Kickstarter and just got my watch. It has a pretty easy to use SDK that would allow Aura to interface with it...It would be pretty awesome if my watch vibrated and showed me a notification on skill training events...

I like completely superfluous shiny features.


  • Thats a lil extreme. Haha but an awesome concept.
  • Lucky, I preordered it but I wish I was a backer since it was cheaper and they have already shipped them... How is it? Looks like it might be really fun and easy to modify? How is the sdk for it? Oddly I was thinking eve a little when I saw it :P
  • Well they don't seem to have a SDK for what shows up on the watch itself. The SDK gives your android/iphone app hooks to send the watch notification messages. In the future it will probably have more customization.
  • So, I found an app that just pushes all notifications directly from the android OS to the pebble. It would be much more useful if the information was more detailed though. If only 1 skill or mail is recv'd would it be possible to include which skill and level was trained or in the mail case the sender and body of the message?

  • Here's the app im using to send the notification to the pebble.

    Pebble itself can be found here
  • ah ok, so you need Aura to generate the notifications in the first place.
  • Well, anything can generate the outputs it's just easiest to use Aura if you use Android.
  • @Serpentine Logic totally karma whored this conversation :)
  • Awww. that's lame
  • 285 points of lameness woot
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